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Being a professional accountant is without any doubt a difficult and challenging job; accountants and clerks are extremely important parts of a company and they are trained to measure the company's financial health. Not anybody can become an accountant; some people may find it boring, while others simply lack the patience to work with numbers. To be an accountant you need to have an analytical mind and to enjoy calculating mixing and solving number mysteries. A professional accountant needs a lot of education years in school before being able to practice. They need to have advanced knowledge of Mathematics, Finances, Statistics, Logic, and many more.

Accountancy is not something one can learn in a couple of months. It takes years of law and taxes studies and time for developing the habit of accountancy. However, accountancy means much more than invoices and VAT; a professional accountant knows everything about mathematics, accountancy, law, finance and therefore has to be able to analyze the financial situation of a company or of an NGO or even of an individual. Accountants make use of standard procedures in order to come up with profit and losses. What they do is extremely precious for investors and for other people who want to know more about a particular company. They help evaluators understand a company's financial status. Companies need yearly reports and legal reports, and the accountants are those who come up with these reports and analyze the year that has passed, also make predictions for the next year. Some accounts will also do the audit for some companies and that means verifying data, numbers and reports. Accountants can complete internal audits or external audits.

Accountants who provide audits need to make sure that there is no fraud inside a company and that all financial regulations are being respected. When going through an audit, accountants use all the invoices and other financial documents of a company and compare to what is written in the company's reports. When the company has respected the law and has their papers in order, the audit reports can never be adverse. However, if there has been a fraud, or even mistakes, the accountant will notice it.

Accountants are very important to a company as they give sound financial and investment advice; they help companies adapt to financial changes and challenges. Basically, what an accountant does is to try and find a way for the company to keep as much money as possible, from the profit they make in a legal way, of course. A good accountant also deals with budgeting and with financial predictions, being able to analyze the information from the company's "numbers". Accountants may create budgets and forecast for the higher management of the company. Moreover, they manage vendor accounts, ensure compliance with deadline and prepare company's paperwork for audits. Accountants coordinate the monthly cash flow and they also liaise with banks, insurance companies and other financial companies. Accountants need to be detail oriented and extremely analytical; they need to have an efficient way of thinking and the ability to solve problems, by making quick decisions. Nonetheless, accountants need to be trustworthy and ethical and they also have to keep all the information confidential; efficient in multitasking, accountants need to cooperate with other company departments in order to assure the company's well-being. Being an accountant is never easy. It means lots of work and lots of attention to details. It means working with numbers and making sure that legislation is applied in a correct way. Even if some people may find accountancy boring and too demanding, those who were made to be good accountants are probably the best at doing it. Accountancy needs time and dedication and the truth is that companies will always need a good accountant.

My experience in working as an accountant has taught me that numbers are not easy to work with but when you enjoy doing it everything becomes easier. Working with money requires attention, great knowledge and skills and a certain talent in being able to known how and when to take the best decisions. Given below and here are accounting resume samples for your help.

Accounting Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Jane Meyers
Birth date: 21.10.1980

Place of birth: Texas
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To become an accountant at your company and to make use of my knowledge, skills and experience in dealing with the requirements of this job and in always being up to date with everything concerning this field of activity


A person interested in working with numbers, always attentive to important details, resistant to stress and capable of taking fast decisions when this is required Skills/Competences

  • Careful to details, resistant to stress
  • Analytical thinking, conclusion oriented
  • Communication skills, both verbal and in writing
  • Positive minded

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Access, Data Bases, Accounting programs

Work Experience

  • Accountant at Genpacks, 2008-2010

Duties and responsibilities
Maintaining business accountancy, dealing with marketing research and data processing
Budgeting, company capital and cash flow
Banking issues, audit issues

  • Clerk at Finco Ltd., 2006-2008

Duties and responsibilities
Provide outstanding customer service
Efficiently handle the cash flow
Update company website
Prepare invoices


Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy, University of Texas
Masters in Finance, University of Texas


Good results in working with customers
Great marketing research results
Good accountancy reports

Areas of interest

Customer service
Banking issues
Audit issues


Jamie Clarkson
Chief Accountant
Genpacks, Texas

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