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A business resume is without a doubt a professional resume. It represents much more than a basic resume, it must be a complete description of a business specialist, as detailed as possible. Business resumes are generally read by directors and human resources managers looking for professionals and therefore you cannot make any mistakes whatsoever. A professional business resume must contain important information about the person looking for a job: contact details (e-mail, home address, phone, fax, if any), the qualities, skills, abilities of the job seeker, their education, prizes, workshops that they have attended, any other diplomas and certificates, work experience with details regarding responsibilities and tasks, other skills like foreign languages, computer literacy and other talents.

Business resumes are supposed to be convincing and also sincere; you should only put down real facts, real skills, and real qualities and not lie about your qualifications. A business manager or director usually has a complex set of tasks to deal with. Business people need to deal with lots of financial situations and issues, they must have full understanding of budgeting and finances in order to be able to solve problems in a proficient, rapid way. Business means making profit out of financial issues and this is what business people need to focus on. Apart from the financial side, business men also need to deal with the human resources part of a company. They need to know that they can relate on their team in order to make things work; business means having the right person doing the right job at the right time. Thus, business men have to be aware of the of their employees' strengths, as well as of their defects and minuses. Business people usually interact with a great number of clients, and other people so they need to have extremely well developed communication skills.

They need to be assertive but to also be able to make their point clear in a diplomatic way. Communication is essential in business. Different cultures have different communication styles and therefore a good business professional needs to adapt his communication style to that of his customers, without losing his or her personality traits. Especially when dealing with international business, businessmen have to be particularly careful about the traditions of their partners, their ways of doing business, negotiating, etc. Businessmen have to do a lot of research before starting acting or starting a new business. They need to know everything about project management, in order to easily implement their ideas and turn them into reality. A good business professional knows how to work with little and to create a lot; profitable businesses have intelligent business men behind them. Being a business professional does not always require higher education but it has been proven that in most cases, it is vital. Being able to understand complex matters and being able to find solutions to the most difficult problems- that is what business men need to learn how to do.

Businessmen usually need to be aware of a formal way of being, of talking and of making business. As some of them represent the image of the company, they need to be presentable and to make a good impression. The communication skills are essential as well as the ability to discuss about various subjects. A good businessman knows that sometimes a good business starts with a good dinner with the potential client and thus he will use this time to prepare the land for doing actual business. Becoming a professional business man takes a lot of time but it is also rewarding, challenging and extremely interesting.

The world in which we live makes business very important and business professionals are what every company is looking for when being interested in obtaining good results and in a proper development.

Business Sample Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Hannah Johnson
Birth Date: 12.08.1975
Address, contact details: 12 Lane, Nr.6, Boone, NC
Marital Status: Single
Children: no
Driver's License: yes


To become a business professional at your company and to prove that an analytical business oriented person with great experience in this field of activity can be very important within your company


Possessing good communication skills, with experience in this field of activity and with a high wish to succeed, to develop professionally I am looking forward to dealing with the requirements of this job and to proving that talent, hard work and ambition are the key to success

Qualities and skills

  • Communication skills, both in writing and verbally
  • Analytical mind, business oriented
  • Able to work long hours
  • Stress resistant, able to focus even in difficult conditions
  • Pleasant personality, proactive mindset
  • A doer, dynamic personality
  • Fluent in English, German and Spanish
  • Computer literate: Microsoft Office, MacIntosh, Windows, Linux, Internet, Photoshop, Adobe, E-mail

Excellent communication skills, both in writing and verbally

Work Experience
Business Manager, Kommodity Ltd., Morganton 2005-2010

Duties and responsibilities

Creating the budget and financial analysis of the company
Signing contracts for customers, clients, vendors
Taking care of the company's PR
Coordinating a 10 person team
Managing company resources and finances

Business Executive, Professional X, 2003-2005

Duties and responsibilities

Managing the administrative team
Organizing employees and training new employees
Finding new business opportunities
Signing new contracts
Advertising, representing the company's image
Translating, traveling for business purposes, marketing research
Development of operations
Cooperation with banks and other institutions


Masters' Degree in Business Administration at University of Boone
Bachelor's Degree in Business, University of Boone
Online Business Administration Seminars attended
Online management certificate


Found business opportunities
Established proper operation development
Obtained important contracts for the company

Areas of interest

Business Administration
Business opportunities


Chrys Drew
Kommodity Ltd., Morganton

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