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Being a professional Chef means much more than being able to cook a few meals. Chefs have the most important part in making various, delicious meals - deserts, snacks, salads, main courses, soups, salads, side dishes- by making use of the best quality ingredients and the most appropriate preparation methods. Chefs are important personnel, being part of hotels, restaurants, inns, and even big companies. Chefs can also work for celebrities and their responsibilities are bigger than the simple preparation of food.

The food service industry is very strict these days and standards are getting higher and higher; chefs are assisted by assistants to be able to prepare the best meals in a very short time. Customers are very demanding and they expect the best meals ever. A chef does not only have to cook food; their responsibilities start with being able to equip the entire kitchen with kitchen supplies. Kitchen supplies can be either food, or cooking equipment. Chefs need to be aware of the best suppliers and to make sure that the raw materials are delivered in time and are also fresh. Cooking equipment is vital in a hotel's or in a restaurant's kitchen; it needs to be of high quality so that the chef can prepare his best meals. The chief chef needs to be able to coordinate a team made of other chefs, needs to organize and to prioritize so that the meals are ready on time and the customers are pleased.

The chef needs to be able to control food quality and to make sure that the ingredients are fresh and can be stored and then used. However, the main responsibility is that of cooking delicious meals, properly adapted to the situation, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or special events. A good chef needs to have special qualities, a good sense of taste and smell because sometimes smell makes the difference between fresh and not so fresh. Chefs need to be creative persons; they need to be able to work with raw food and to transform it into something special. Creativity is a must when we are talking about chefs; the ability to mix ingredients and to come up with something amazing is crucial. Moreover, a chef needs to be good at communicating and to be able to coordinate teams and make their point clear. Management skills are very important and chefs must also be able to come up with budgets, financial plans and expenses.

Chefs must be able to prepare healthy meals and to adapt their cooking to various customers; they also need to know whether their customers have any health issues and therefore adapt their cooking to this. Creating food art at a low cost without reducing taste, flavor and quality is something that only a good chef can do. Chefs also need to be able to work under pressure and to handle the business of special events, when lots of food has to be cooked in a short time. Being a chef means having knowledge of preparing different kinds of food; it doesn't only mean being able to prepare a main course and a desert, it means learning new recipes every day and offering special food to special customers. Traditional food is also important on a chef's list and chefs who can cook meals from exotic countries have a starting plus when looking for a job. A responsible chef needs to be aware of time management, also. Getting everything ready on time is an art and the chef knows that cold food will not be appreciated by the customer.

From my experience I have learned that cooking is an art and that being able to work with people with whom we share the same passion is very important. I have learned in time that quality is of great importance and that our customers are the ones who can make us pride of what we do and feel that we are talented and appreciated. The passion you feel about cooking should reflect in your resume. Hence, writing an optimized resume to showcase your skills is of utmost importance. Look here for a sample chef resume.

Chef Sample Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Patrick Johnson
Date of Birth: 23.08.1975Place of birth: North Carolina
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
Driver's License: Yes


To become a chef at your restaurant and to be able to prove my talent and my skills in working with a team in the idea of achieving the best possible results


A highly talented chef with experience in this field of activity and with a great desire to succeed; able to organize everything in time and highly familiar with the requirements of this job


  • Highly familiar with the preparation of a variety of dishes
  • Able to manage a team in order to create different menus
  • Communication skills and interpersonal relations
  • Micro-management skills
  • Very organized and careful to details

Work Experience:

Chief Chef, Hilton Hotel, North Carolina


  • Organizing a team of 10 chefs in order to create delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Organizing menus for different events happening at the hotel
  • Providing the best quality products for meals

Chef at Madison Inn hotel


  • Preparing meals for hotel guests
  • Providing quality ingredients for the hotel
  • Organizing a group of 4 deputy chefs
  • Organizing special meals for special events


Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts, Institute of Culinary, North Carolina


Managed to prepare everything properly and in time for special events
Managed to take fast decisions when needed and achieve the best results
Managed too produce cost effective dishes that were at the same time very delicious
Established a personal portfolio including special dishes

Areas of interest

Healthy vegetarian lifestyle
Culinary arts
Management skills


Michael Ronson
Head Chef
Hilton Hotel, North Carolina

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