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Being a Child Care worker is a huge responsibility; a child care worker's purpose is to train, nurture and teach children who are not in school or who are orphans of one or both parents. Sometimes child care workers may even take care of older children, most of the times - after school. Child care workers play a huge role in the emotional and physical development of children, as they get to spend a lot of time with these growing kids. They nurture children while parents are working or are unable to supervise their own children. Sometimes parents place children in child care institutions for them to socialize with other children of their age and to be able to learn new things through playing and other fun activities. A child care worker's role is quite complex; they need to make sure that the children they supervise are safe, healthy and well fed; they also need to organize fun activities and to start teaching children. A child care worker makes sure that children become independent and learn to socialize, in order to be prepared for the first school years.

Child care workers need to make sure that the place where they supervise children is safe and that children can have an enjoyable spending time there. Parents seek for these alternatives when they need to go to work or when their children are not old enough to be left home alone. A child care worker needs to be an emphatic person, always ready to respond to the child's needs. Child care workers should be treating children with respect, and not abusing them in any kind of way. When parents leave their children in child care, they expect their children to be treated in the best way possible. This means that there should be no arguing, no yelling, no spanking and no kind of violence. Child care workers need to make sure that they can solve conflicts through diplomacy and that they teach children about respect, tolerance and acceptance of other people's choices. Some child care workers have completed higher studies but most of them have high-school diplomas and in some cases, some psychology courses. It is very important, however, for a child care worker to understand children psychology and children behavior, in order to make sure that no conflicts arise and, if they do, to make sure that they know how best to handle them.

Child care workers need to know how to interact with children of different age groups and they also need to know the specific activities for every age group. Younger children need to spend more time playing and also resting, whereas older children are ready to start learning and preparing for school. Child care workers need to be compassionate and need to understand children's basic needs. They also need to represent authority figures, but in such a way that children do not feel threatened or bullied in any way. A good child care worker knows how to deal with every child they are taking care of and understands that different children require different methods. Being a child care worker demands a lot of calm and patience in order to be able to cope with stress and with unexpected behavior very common in children. As a child care worker, you are not supposed to lose your temper or abuse a child in any way. It takes a lot of heart and a healthy emotional state to be able to attend to different types of personalities and treat them with care, attention and dedication. Not everybody can be a responsible child care worker, but those who choose this career do it with a lot of attention and love for children.

From my experience I can say that child care is very important and that it requires strong knowledge and skills from the person decided to work in this field of activity. Good communication, great personality and the wish to always improve and help others is what a child care worker should be proud to say that he/she might be characterized by.

Child Care Sample Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Donna Green
Birth Date; 15 June 1975
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain a job as a child care worker and to be in this way able to prove that my knowledge and skills can be very useful and can help with both, my professional development and other people who might need to be taken care of by an experienced person


Possessing the necessary knowledge and skills, expressing a great wish of helping children, of organizing innovative activities and with the certainty of being a very good worker


  • Affectionate and eager to work with small children
  • Patient and high spirited
  • Able to involve children in playing and learning activities
  • Calm, relaxed, funny
  • Empathetic and able to console a crying child

Work Experience

New York Community Services, 2007-2010
Child Care Assistant
Duties and responsibilities

  • Work as part of the team to provide education and care to a number of preschoolers
  • Group activities with the children
  • Providing a safe, happy environment
  • Attending to the physical needs of the preschoolers
  • Organize group activities and games, involve children


Illinois High-school
Bachelor's degree in Children's Psychology, University of Texas


Great work with children
Designed great innovative activities and games for children of different age
Good working capacity
Designed great playing and learning materials for pre-schoolers

Areas of interest

Children care
Children behavior
Maintaining a clean environment


Michael James
Child Care Manager
Community Services, New York

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