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Writing a resume is sometimes a challenging task; some people do not know where to begin, what to include in their resume or how many details to add. It is always more difficult to write a good resume when the person has a lot of experience behind and they do not know how much of that information they should include. Moreover, some will think that it's better to focus on one way of describing their background in which they follow the time- line; therefore, one of the most common resumes is the one where information is presented in a chronological order. When writing a chronological resume, the most important thing is the way chronological information is being put down. Most specialists will advise that a good chronological resume must have the information in reverse order, therefore you should always start with your most recent job and then move on to the others.

There are a number of things/issues that you should include in your chronological resume. First of all, you need to start, like in any other resume, with your identification details: name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc. so that a potential employer can contact you at any time. Afterwards, add your objective and the thing that you want from a job in general and from the particular job you are applying for. Writing your objective is extremely important, since it will give the employer a chance of seeing what you really want from a position in their company. After you've finished with the objective, you can move on to the education part; make sure you write down the last form of education you've graduated and then move downwards to previous ones. When you're done with your education and certification, you can start the main body of your chronological resume: the work experience. Start by writing your most recent job and add your position, the company and, naturally, the period of time when you were employed there. You can also add a small paragraph about your duties and responsibilities you used to have at your job and some of your biggest accomplishments. After you've finished the latest of your jobs, start writing one by one and so on and so forth until you've finished writing everything about your work experience.

Writing about your work experience in a reverse-chronological order gives the potential employee a chance to see how much you've evolved and for how long different companies had you working for them. By following the time line of your work experience, potential employees can see your evolution since you started working and they can decide if you are the right person for their job or not. Writing a chronological resume is probably the easiest and most used ways to write one's resume. It is a clean way of describing your personality and your work experience and employers find these types of resumes very easy to read and understand.

A teacher must possess important knowledge and skills so that he/she might be able to educate children and to always be able to improve his/her own knowledge and skills, to find proper resources and materials that need to be used during the teaching process and to find the proper way in which to always help others understand what they are teaching.

Chronological Sample of a Teacher Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Jane Meyers
Birth date: 21.10.1980
Place of birth: Texas
Address: Jack Browne 12 Westminster, Boone, North Carolina
Phone Number: (973)123-4567


Aspiring for the position of Middle School Music teacher in an international school where multicultural perspectives are the rule; wishing to work in a dynamic school where I can use my skills in order to teach as a middle school teacher about the importance of music and of the musical instruments. Convincing students to be more involved in the artistic life


Able to play multiple instruments from a great number of countries and also with vast knowledge of traditional music, I have the capacity to learn playing on any new instrument very fast

Core Competencies

Good communication skills, both in writing and in speaking
Great voice, ability to interpret different types of music
Patience with children and young learners
Focused on details, ability to work under stress
Extended knowledge of children psychology
Flexible, dynamic personality

Other Skills

Fluent in English and French
Computer literate- Microsoft Office and Internet

Work Experience

  • 2008-2010 Music Teacher at Cannon Music School

Duties and Responsibilities

Organizing Cannon Music Festival every year
Taking care of the technical and administrative details of the Cannon festival
Providing new, interesting music courses for children every year
Teaching children to play at different instruments
Auditions, special training for talented children

  • 2006-2008 Music Assistant at Boone High-School

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Assisting the main music teacher in his daily activities
    Organizing the musical "Annie"
    Administrative Work

    • 2001-2006 Assistant Manager at Musicatch Ltd.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Assisting the general manager
    Ordering musical instruments and testing them
    Participating to exhibitions and live demonstrations
    Administrative work


    2006-2009 Masters in Musical Education
    2001-2006 Bachelor's Degree in Music and Teaching at Texas University
    2002 Music and Tradition Certificate


    Organized special training programs for talented children
    Gained great experience while teaching children
    Gained great experience in administrative work

    Areas of interest

    Traditional music and the ability to travel to various places in the world doing musical research


    Jamie Mason
    Cannon Music School, Texas

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