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Writing a good resume is the main ingredient on the way to a new job. Preparing your resume as soon as possible is also extremely important. It does not matter that you have not yet graduated from college or from a university, starting to write and to send your resume to companies is a very smart thing to do. A great number of companies are looking to hire young people who have just graduated from college or to hire college students part time until they graduate and they can offer them a full time job. You do not have to think that you do not have enough experience in order to write your resume. Even if you've only had one or two jobs, your resume can still be extremely attractive to a potential employer. You'd better not waste any of your time and start working on your resume as soon as possible.

College resumes can be as interesting and as attractive as any other resumes; it is not all about as much work experience as possible and there are always employers who are looking for college graduates or college students. When writing your resume, you should keep in mind a series of factors. Start by writing your name and your contact details so that the employer can contact you if needed; add a paragraph with a short characterization, also emphasizing your main skills and competencies. If you are a good team-worker, add that. If you have special communication skills, make sure you write about them too. Everything that suggests that you are good for the job should be included.

After you've finished writing about your skills and competency, make sure you provide information about your educational background. Start with the most recent form of education, specify your year, the year when you are supposed to graduate and your profile. Some employers are also interested in your grades, or in your average grades and also in the subjects you are best at. Don't forget to add any diplomas or certificates that you've received, as well as foreign language competency, computer literacy and any other technical skills.

When writing a college resume, it is but natural that work experience will not take a lot of space. However, make sure you add every single job that you've had, even if it was part time or you were volunteering for it. Give the name of the employer, the period of time and describe what you had to do while working there. Give as many details as possible so that the potential employer can make up their minds if you are the right person for their job. A college resume should also contain recommendations from your teachers, special awards and your other extra-curricular activities. You should also include a small paragraph with your interests, hobbies and the things that you like doing best. Make sure that you are sincere and honest when writing your resume because that is the only correct way to apply for a job. Also, don't forget to keep updating your resume whenever something new comes along so that you might always have the most recent edition of it ready to be sent to employers.

Marketing is a very important field of activity nowadays and good marketing workers are those who are interested in working with numbers and in always being willing to do some research and to work with statistics

College Marketing Sample Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Jessica Gold
Address: 12th Down Building., Morganton, North Carolina


Developing a professional career in marketing research and being able to apply theory in practice and becoming a key marketing researcher in your company and using my skills for enabling the development of the company


Able to work with numbers and to maintain a logical mind-frame; plus the ability to draw conclusions based on logic, statistics and marketing research

Core Competencies

Extremely analytical mind and the ability to apply theory in practice
Excellent communication skills: in writing and in speaking
Positive personality, easily makes friends
Flexible, can easily adapt to new places, new people and new situations
Likes working on the field and interviewing/interacting with people
Fast typing abilities and computer literate
Able to work long hours and to focus uninterruptedly
Team work

Technical Skills

Computer literate: Microsoft Office, Adobe, Photoshop, Internet, Blogging platforms, Internet research, e-mail, Mozilla, Access.
Fluent in English and in French
Type writing speed

Work Experience

Marketing Research Assistant, part -time, 2009-2010
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting the Marketing Research officer in his daily duties
  • Conducting interviews on field and in the office
  • Marketing research over the phone
  • Internet research for the company
  • Administrative tasks

Website Editor, Online Me, 2008-2009
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Updating 4 different websites on a regular basis
  • Moderating forums, approving comments
  • giving feedback to customers
  • Answering e-mails

English to French translator, part-time 2008-2010
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taking part in business conferences and doing simultaneous translations
  • Translating official documents


Boone State College, 2007-2010
Boone High-school, 2003-2007
Diploma in Marketing for College Students


Established effective website updates
Translated important articles and documents from English to French
Translated numerous official documents
Established effective moderation rules on forums

Areas of interest

Volunteering, marketing research and data analysis
Music, Mathematics and Statistics


George Nelson
Content manager
Online Me

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