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Working as a construction person is a challenging job both for the body and for the mind; it represents being part of a team and assisting the engineers, architects, designers from the early stages of a building or of a project, until it is finally done. The number of people working in constructions nowadays has increased a lot, and there are two types of constructors: qualified constructors and unqualified constructors. Being a constructor means working on field and always being in good shape to keep up with the building process.

A constructor's responsibilities are huge and they include some of the following: purchasing construction materials, planning of the construction itself, assessing the number of workers needed and the type of specialists, dealing with all the construction phases from the building's or project's foundation up to its final stage, keeping a close contact with planners, supervisors and other staff members.

A constructor needs to be constantly up to date with new construction techniques, new practices and new standards so that the quality of their work might be always high. Constructors also need to have basic budgeting knowledge and the ability to reduce costs and save money during all construction phases. Constructors are part of small or bigger projects; they are taking care of easy, safe tasks but they are also part of more demanding and challenging projects. Constructors usually work in places like highways and streets, blocks, commercial sites, tunnels, demolitions, etc. They need to have physical strength, a good health condition and they must be ready to go over their limits in some cases.

A good constructor is normally specialized in a smaller area of construction but some can perform all construction duties. Constructors are responsible of a building site from the early stages of it. They need to prepare the place for the constructing part, they need to make sure that everything is in order before starting. When working in close cooperation with architects and engineers, constructors also need to know how to handle construction devices, machines and supplies. They need to know how to operate all the machines found on a construction site and they also have to know the basic things about construction materials.

A good constructor also needs to know how to mix materials in order to obtain the needed one for the specific project; they usually cooperate with carpenters, masons, and craft workers. Moreover, constructors are responsible with what goes on around their construction site; if it means repairing a highway, constructors need to know how to redirect traffic and to make sure that no problems arise. The machines a constructor needs to know how to handle are as follows: hammers, earth tampers, plaster mixers, hydraulic machines, drillers, torches, laser beam equipment, measuring equipment. They need to know how to maintain and preserve their materials and also how to perform all of their tasks effectively.

A good constructor is always resistant to lots of physical work; they need to be able to work in difficult weather conditions and to be able to cope with lots of stress. Stress on a construction site means noise, pollution, etc and therefore constructors need to be strong and willing to remain healthy, without major vices. On top of everything, constructors need to be well trained about safety at work. They need to wear protection materials and to prevent injuries and accidents from happening.

Insurance companies make sure that constructors follow all procedures and respect all the in site laws so that no tragedies happen. However, constructors are still among the people who get the most injuries while being at work and this is just another reason for which all precautions should be taken. Being a constructor is difficult but it is definitely worth the effort. To project your skills and experience to the employer in the right way, you need to have a resume that does justice to your abilities. Given below and here are construction resumes for your reference.

Construction Resume Template


Constructing is a form of art and only qualified persons can handle the requirements of a constructor worker job. The ability to handle the tasks properly, to finalize the project on time and to be able to work with people and being able to attract new talents in the idea of creating great teams is what makes a constructor worker worthy of being considered an effective worker.

Personal Details

Name: Jake Johnson
Birth Date: 15.06. 1078
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single


To become a construction worker at your company and to be able to use my knowledge, skills and great experience in finalizing all of your projects and in obtaining the best results in whatever I might get involved in while working for you.


Hard-working person, interested in always being up to date with technological changes, interested in proving my knowledge and skills and in being involved in great


Qualities and abilities

  • Experience in construction
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Ability to work long hours, in any type of weather
  • Team work abilities and good communication skills
  • Able to work on his own, without direct supervision
  • Positive personality

Work Experience

Site Work Coordinator at BuiltIt! Ltd., 2006-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Supervising a 10 people construction team
  • Setting up the construction budget
  • Taking part in the construction phases, from the beginning until the end of the project

Builder, at Genco, 2004-2006
Duties and responsibilities

  • On site construction tasks
  • Working closely with the architects


Oklahoma State High-School
Construction Training Program at Texas University


Worked at important construction companies
Proved great skills in working as a constructor
Obtained great results for the company
Was assigned important projects which were finalized on time

Areas of interest

Building construction
Business management


Robert James,
Chief engineer
BuiltIt! Ltd, Texas

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