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Customer service resume template is necessary to draft a perfect, job- winning resume. This customer service template is a bare sketch of a resume that will be summarizing candidate’s achievements, skills, education and work history. Customer service executives and assistants are one of the key employees in most companies; they are the direct connection between the company and its customers and they represent the company's image when solving customer's complaints or when offering post purchase services. Customer service means everything starting with the basic greeting of customers in person or over the phone, to complex tasks as customer loyalty programs and post-purchase services offered by a company.

A customer service officer needs to respond to questions or inquiries about the company's status and about different accounts. Customer service means attending to any customer related problem and solving problems in the best manner and in the most diplomatic way, in person, or via other persons. Customer service officers need to explain the policy of the company and to help customers solve their issues; moreover, they need to build a good relationship with customers and to be careful with the way in which they handle customers' wishes and desires. A good customer service officer needs to be fully aware of ethics, company regulations and policies and behave in an ethical way at all times.

Customer service officers need to know the company and the services it offers in full details in order to better represent its interest when dealing with customers; they need to know about every process that is going on inside the company and about the full product line, post purchase service that the company offers and the status of all clients. A good customer service officer must find a diplomatic way to answer clients' and customer's issues and they also have to treat confidential matters seriously.

Customer service officers need to show initiative and to inquire about customers' need when customers find it difficult to present their problems and needs. Customer service officers are the direct connection between a company and its clients; they need to be an accessible contact point for those who need assistance. Customer service officers and executives respond to customers' needs in person, via e-mail, phone, Fax or via correspondence. When some matters are of a more complex nature, customer service officers need to make use of all their knowledge in order to find a solution for clients who might not be pleased with the services.

Customer service officers may sometimes need more time to solve a problem, they need to research and offer alternative solution with which the customer may or may not be happy. In the end, it is all about making company-customer communication work. Sometimes customer service officers contact potential clients in order to offer them new products or to ask them about their opinion concerning the company's older products. These conversations usually happen via phone or e-mail and the feedback they receive is extremely important for further product development.

Working as a customer service officer demands a great number of skills and a willing-to-help kind of attitude. Customer service officers need to be able to communicate in a very exquisite way; they need to respect business protocol and diplomacy when contacting customers. Moreover, customer service representative have to be able to understand human and customer psychology and therefore approach every situation is a particular way. Customers do not always behave the same way and each customer needs a different solution. Some customers may be more difficult than others, some will demand an answer immediately while others can wait for a while until the representative has done his research.

Customer Service Resume Template


In a world in which the customers are very important, in which their needs and preferences must be taken into account and in which changes are always required to be made, the customer service is a very important field of activity and the people who work in this field of activity can sometimes be considered an important key to success in the case of numerous companies

Personal Details

Name: Jane Dawson
Birth date: 12.11.1980
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver's License: Yes


To become a customer service officer and to prove that my knowledge and skills in dealing with people are important and that they can enable my personal professional development and the well being of the company in which I might work


With great knowledge, skills and experience in the customer service field of activity I am looking forward to facing new challenges, to learning new things and to making use of previous knowledge in the idea of doing something that will certainly matter both for me and for your company

Qualities and Skills

  • Posses a positive attitude with an ability to work for long hours
  • Can handle stress comfortably and focus on the tasks assigned for a longer duration of time
  • Proactive and task oriented
  • Posses excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team and independently
  • Energetic, dynamic with an understanding of human psychology
  • Patient, devoted and open minded
  • Amazing problem solving ability

Work Experience

Customer Service Officer at Farmexpo, 2009-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Deal with customers' complaints and feedback
  • Provide information and solve problems
  • Public Relations of the company
  • Contact with media, written and online

Customer Service Assistant at Farmexpo, 2006-2009
Duties and Responsibilities

Assisting the Customer Service Officer in daily activities


Bachelor's Degree, University of Texas Customer Psychology training sessions at the University of Texas


Dealt with numerous customer complaints in the best way possible
Obtained great results when dealing with problems and being faced with new challenges
Obtained great results in working with the Media

Areas of interest
Public Relations
Customer Service

Jane Ronson
Chief Customer Officer
Farmexpo, Texas

The given customer service resume template will surely help you in preparing a resume that will assure you an interview call in your dream organization.

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