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Education resume template is quite essential for a person who wants to make career in the field of academics. This resume template is a basic design of a resume that summarizes education, work experience and skills of a candidate.Working in the education field is probably one of the most rewarding jobs ever; being able to share your knowledge with children is priceless. People working in education have the ability to share what they have learned so far and they transform it into something that others may understand and learn at their own turn. However, education means more than just teaching and real educators do this out of passion and dedication.

Working in education requires long years of study; in order to have the right and the ability to teach and to educate, you need to reach a level of knowledge and a level of understanding things that can provide the necessary tools to be able to share. Education professionals need to have a great number of skills, in order to send their message in an appropriate way. First of all, they need to be intelligent people who have accomplished a lot by learning. Moreover, they need to be excellent communicators, both in writing and verbally. Communicating one's ideas and making them seem attractive is crucial for educators. No matter how exciting an idea is, it does not get through if the teacher does not find the appropriate way to communicate with his students. Besides that, different children need different communication methods; what may work for some, may fail with others.

Communicating ideas, concepts, and notions is as mentioned before, crucial. It makes the difference between an exciting class and a boring one. Teachers and educators may use different ways of communicating an idea; they may use speeches, presentations, images, sounds, and even trips to different places- so that students get a better picture of what they are being told. Starting with Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Sports- education professionals need to find their own way of getting from theory to practice.

It is a fact that most students will better learn and understand when practicing; dealing with abstract notions is not easy for anybody. Education professionals need to adapt their methods to different age groups. What works for younger students, may be extremely boring for older ones. Moreover, educators need to find the right way to approach students with learning difficulties or with other problems. Educators should always be calm and confident and never get angry at students. It is important that they treat each other with respect and even if a problem arises, they try to find a good solution to it.

Education professionals need to be resistant to stress and able to cope with different types of behaviors in a diplomatic manner. They are first of all an example for their students and the way they behave is seen as a role model and will eventually be followed. Education professionals need to constantly stay updated with all the news in their field so that the message they are sending is always fresh and never obsolete. Good educators will understand that teaching methods have evolved and that was used to work in the olden days, no longer applies now.

In a technology filled world, education professionals need to evolve to and they need to adapt their methods to the current days and trends. Children and students' psychology is also extremely important. A good educator will have at least basic notions of children's psychology and will try to understand behaviors, patterns and even rebellious misbehavior. Psychology will let them see through what seems to be obvious and make them aware where they have made mistakes. Being an educator is a tough, challenging job but it is also extremely rewarding. Being able to teach other people is definitely a gift and those who can do it are truly fortunate. Good luck in your career if you are planning to work as an educational professional.

Education Resume Template


Education is very important for every society and for everyone living in any society. We must all be interested in making sure that our children are properly educated and in always making sure that we have a proper education and excellent teachers who have a very important role within the educational system

Personal Details

Name: Alexandra Brown
Birth Date: 26.03.1975
Address and Contact Details: 45 West Lane, Morganton;
Marital Status: Married
Children: yes, two.
Driver's license: Yes


To become a teacher at your school and to make use of my previous experience in educating children and in always helping them understand the importance of education in their life


Possessing great experience in working with children, patient with children, good communicator and able to face any challenge that I might encounter I am looking forward to becoming a teacher that can prove that my knowledge, skills and experience are very important and useful for those who can benefit from them

Qualities and Skills

  • Patient and understanding
  • Emphatic personality
  • Ability to work with smaller children
  • Fun, creative personality
  • Resistance to stress, able to work long hours
  • Ability to sing, to entertain small children
  • Good communication skills, both in writing and verbal
  • Fluent in English and German

Other skills

Computer literate
Languages: English- advanced, German- advanced, French- beginner

Work Experience

Elementary School Teacher in Morganton, 2006-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Teaching English literature to 2nd to 5th grades
  • Coming up with the teaching plan
  • Catching children's attention and making them become interested in literature
  • Reading aloud to children
  • Organize trips to literature related places

Kindergarten Teacher in Asheville, 2000-2006
Duties and responsibilities

  • Teach preschoolers
  • Supervise and entertain small children
  • Help with personal needs of children
  • Sing, dance
  • Organize trips to ZOO and other fun places


Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Teaching at Texas University
Children's Psychology course
Pedagogic High-school, Texas


Good results in working with preschoolers
Established great relations with parents
Created important training programs

Areas of Interest

Elementary Teaching
English Literature


Jamie Manson
Elementary School, Morganton

The education resume template provided above is going to help you in writing a resume that will help you to start your career in the field of education.

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