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Electricity is without any doubt a very important part in our lives; electricity makes things going and it keeps them working for as long as we need them to. Electricians are therefore extremely important in a world where most of the things work with the help of electricity; without electricians, nothing would work properly and we wouldn't even have lights on at night.

Being an electrician is a demanding and difficult work; electricity is not something to play with so a professional electrician needs to know his way around in order to be able to install or fix things. There is no room for mistakes when dealing with electricity; labor safety needs to be taken seriously and all safety measures need to be met. Electricians need to have a special sense of dealing with electric equipment; they need to be able to find malfunctions in wiring, switches, motors and they need to be able to maintain electrical equipment in good condition. Electricians need to make us of their tools in order to have a safe work experience and they need to deal with fixtures, generators, transformers, fuses, etc.

A good electrician is supposed to know how to read electrical blueprints and how to apply electricity safety standards in everything that he is doing; electricians need to be able to isolate and identify electrical malfunctions and thus fix them. A professional electrician needs to understand new technologies and to implement them into older systems. Electricians are sometimes supposed to work in stressful conditions; whether it is up on leaders or in tight spaces, they need to have a good physical condition in order to be able to do their job properly. An electrician's main duties are assembling, installing and maintaining electric devices and apparatus; moreover, some of their duties include connecting wires to circuits and to other components and also constructing electronic parts by use of their tools.

Professional electricians are supposed to notice any malfunctions when it comes to electronic devices and thus fix them; when there is a breakdown or a shortcut, electricians are the ones who try to fix things by using all their knowledge. Electricians are also responsible with the setting up of the electrical system of houses, building or other places. They need to come up with a plan, or a blueprint and then begin with their work; electricians need to inspect electrical systems and then see if there is any danger at all- and if there is danger involved, they need to fix it as well.

Repairing also comes with an electrician's job description; electric devices usually break down and it is up to electricians to make them work again. A professional electrician should also know how to coordinate a small team and how to come up with a budget, based on expenses and needs. Moreover, electricians have to offer their help in time of calamities, floods, or other emergencies so that no electricity related tragedies occur.

A good electrician knows how to use measuring devices, power tools, drills, lamps, etc. On top of everything, electricians also need to take care of lighting systems, setting up lights, adjusting light intensity or cooperating with stage masters in order to set up stage lights for shows or presentations. A professional electrician also needs to study the theoretical aspects of electricity in order to better understand processes and whatever it is that is going on through the wires and through the electric system.

Being a professional electrician is not an easy job; it requires a lot of care and attention to details, to wires, to wires' colors and to everything that could be dangerous. Electricians are also responsible with the safety of others so when they set up new electrical systems, they need to consider the fact that people who are not electricity specialists are going to use them. If you want to become an electrician you should have basic electricity notions and the desire to learn something new every day.

Electrician Resume Template


Electricity is vital for all of us as almost nothing can be done without it nowadays and this is why talented electricians will always be the persons whom everyone will go to when they might encounter problems regarding electricity.

Personal Details

Name: Jake White
Birth Date: 14.09.1976
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, two.
Driver's License: Yes


To become an electrician for your company and to be given the opportunity of proving that my skills and experience can be useful whenever I might encounter a challenge


Possessing good knowledge and skills in this field of activity, with a high wish of professional development, with the desire to prove that my skills and knowledge are worth being considered, I am looking forward to learning new things and to make use of previous knowledge in dealing with all the requirements of this job properly.

Qualities and Skills

  • Motivated and eager to work in a professional team
  • Attention to details, ability to work in stressful situations
  • Learns everything quickly and adapts to change easily
  • Good communication skills
  • Positive personality

Work Experience

Chief Electrician at Saveco, 2008-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Dealing with electrical and general repairs at the electric system Organizing 5-assistant teams
  • Installing new electronic devices
  • Solving problems caused by the electronic system

Electrician at Grenoville, 2005-2008
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Making sure that the company's electric system is working
  • Fixing up any problems with electricity
  • Dealing with any electrical needs within the company


Technical High-school Santa Barbara
License in electricity, Registered Electrician qualifications


Fixed all the problems having been encountered at work
Dealt with various electrical needs and issues
Installed numerous new electronic systems

Areas of interest



James Nickolson,
Chief Engineer
Saveco, Santa Barbara

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