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Free blank resume template is required to draft a job winning resume. This template helps you to summarize important details like skills, achievements, educational and professional background in a resume, which will make a clear picture for the employer.

A lot of importance is given to the way you create your resume. This is because the resume is the first impression that the potential employer has about a person and a good resume has the ability to get you a job interview and sometimes, even the job itself. From writing the content of the resume to its formatting, everything has to be done with extra care. If you are finding it difficult to make your resume, here you can find some important information on the things that you have to include in your resume along with a free blank resume template. The most important sections of a resume are: Important Sections of a Resume

Personal Details

No other information is required In the personal details section, the things that you have to include your name, address, phone number and email address.

  • If you cannot answer the phone during office hours, write a phone number where messages can be left.
  • If you include your address and a personal Web page, make sure the format is a professional. Your site may include a CV, examples of professional work, photographs, etc..

Career goal / Objective for the Position Requested

  • This is not essential for part-time jobs or various collaborations, but it may offer the employer an idea of what you're going to do. For permanent jobs and, contract-based work, a personal goal for the post concerned is essential.

  • Your career objective should cover a longer period of time, while personal goal refers to the small steps that you will make in the organization, if you get the position you applied for.

  • Objectives must be formulated in terms of ""what can you do for an employer" and not ""what can employers do for you." Avoid phrases like "... where I can use my knowledge and skills to my level of expertise… ...”
  • The objective should be formulated according to the job you want now (e.g. programs or social worker), or by the area in which you work (e.g., communication, public relations etc.).

  • Prepare multiple versions of resumes that describe your skills related strictly to the requirements of the job to for which you aspire.

    Summary of Qualifications

    • This is perhaps the most important component of your resume. This section will provide a concise overview of your qualifications, taking into account your stated goals.
    • Here is where every employer wants to get when reading a resume. In this section, the employer will find if you are the ideal person for the job he offers you.
    • You can include a few keywords. They can be easily used in the databases of employers for later use.
    • You can include 3-7 sub-points, using nouns and adjectives (not action verbs).
    • Go to every step of your experience, from a volunteer position and / or extracurricular activities in terms of duration, purpose, goals achieved, etc.. If you have no relevant experience, emphasize the skills you have developed in terms of interpersonal relationships, organizational, etc.
    • The first sentence is all about the experience you have in relation to your previously stated goals (eg. one year experience in graphic design)
    • The second sentence describes your knowledge related to the components and aspects of the job to which you aspire (e.g., budgeting, report writing, planning, etc..).
    • The third sentence describes the many skills that you posses to meet the job requirements (eg. problem solving, communication skills, time management, etc.).
    • The fourth sentence refers to the academic background that you have. It complements the practical experience gained (e.g., design, resource assessment, marketing, etc...)
    • In the fifth sentence, mention your aptitudes and personal characteristics, such as those required by the position in question (reliable, ability to work under pressure, creativity, etc.).

    Skills Summary

    • It will has to be inserted immediately after the "Name and Address."
    • It should be Is composed of 3-6 sub-points highlighting the relevant strengths that you have for the job requested. -Describe your competitive advantages - and the values they provide.
    • It may be useful to mention your knowledge of other languages (English, French, German, etc..).
    • List the main areas in which you possess skills (e.g. computer, scientific instrumentation, etc.)
    • .. You can also enumerate also your personal characteristics that are required by for the position (e.g. enthusiasm, flexibility, attention to detail, etc...).


    • Students in their final year will write in their CV, if they are students in public or private system, the disciplines that they focus on, and various titles to which they aspire for
    • There is no need to go into primary school and secondary school graduate resume, unless they were prestigious institutions.
    • Include High School graduate, diploma, date and, if you prefer, write and the specialization obtained

    Diplomas name is not shortened.

    • All stages of education will be written in reverse order of their graduation (most recent first).


    The chronological resume is the most accepted form to highlight your professional experience. Start with the most recent position you held, highlighting your achievements, either here, or in a separate section.


    In general, employers want to know how you spend your free time (e.g. in independent activities / team). If you have any doubts on this section, it is fine to give it up.


    Use the formula "references upon request" to indicate their optional nature. Add the name of the person who can recommend you, if he or she is well known to the employer. He will want to meet you because of this person.

    Free Blank Resume Template
    Personal Details

    Birth Date :
    Marital Status :
    Driving License :
    Email address :




    Abilities and Skills

    Work Experience



    Areas of Interest


    Free blank resume template provided here will assist you in writing a short and simple resume, which will do wonders for you in your job-hunt.

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