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Nowadays, resumes are generally part of one of two broad categories. These two general categories are chronological resumes (actually reverse chronological, enumerating both working and education experience from most to least recent) and functional resumes, which highlight accomplishment and skills.

Each of the two types of resumes is meant to a particular type of person who has had a particular experience. Therefore, any job seeker should first analyze his overall experience and wonder whether, according to the amount of either job experience or skills, a chronological or a functional resume would be the right format for him. If you find yourself among one (or, better, more) of these categories, you should consider a functional resume: if you have a very diverse experience that isn't part of a one-career-direction, if you are looking for a field change that has no common points with your previous experience or if you are a student with no experience at all.

Functional resume template is necessary for candidates who have excellent skill-sets but lack relevant experience. This resume template does wonders for the candidates who have a lot of voluntary experience, which has helped them to inculcate a lot of skills.

Functional resumes also benefit those with a work history full of gaps, because while a chronological resume will only draw attention to those gaps, a functional one will highlight skills attained through their activities assigning them to domestic management and volunteer work.

Functional resume is also suitable for those who have a relevant unpaid experience, as in the volunteer work experience, for it enables them to portray the predominating skills that they have acquired during those particular experiences. You may want to investigate this resume format if you are a college graduate because it allows responsibilities and achievements acquired during unpaid experiences to be listed within the specific skills areas.

So if you are in a position of those above and you consider that you would rather have your abilities emphasized than focus on the length of time spent on a specific job position, this format of resume will definitely draw the reader's attention on your professional capabilities or, when needed, on clearly defined personality traits. Nevertheless, a job seeker should keep in mind that this type of resume has been the subject of controversial opinions as some recruiters consider it confusing. Formal employers activating in conservative fields such as finances, law, medicine, banking, disregard this type of resume; so do international employers. Most of them definitely want to know precisely what each candidate did in each job.

A possible solution would be for you to create a combination format, a chrono functional one, which is basically a functional resume having included work history via reverse-chronological listing. In this type of resume, you have to mention the job title, name and location of the employer and the length of time spent on that particular position. There is no need to add your responsibilities on the job, as they are already specified in your functional section.

It is also important that you try to make your resume as reader-friendly as possible; you will definitely not want your employer to find it annoying and confusing. You could do that by including as much situations within each functional description. By doing so, it will be easier for the employer to follow which ability aligns to which job.

The functional resume template provided here will be of great value for a candidate who has significant accomplishments and skills to describe in the resume. The candidate can prepare a resume that will help him get a dream job.

Functional Resume Template

Personal Details

Address: 721Oxford Street,
Exeter, UK
Phone: 0378 5261 3280

Employment Objective

To obtain a position as a sports editor where I can use my communication, analytical and writing skills.


  • Accomplished writer, sports editor with background in journalism and football coaching
  • Published several reviews, articles, books for local newspapers and general media, short novels for young football passionate
  • Scrupulous attention to detail and children's language
  • Dedicated to an accessible sport presentation, especially for children
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Patience and good attention to both adult and children's needs in terms of sports approach.

Professional Experience

  • Football coach, Exeter United, Exeter, July 2001-June 2003

    Coached the Academy Exeter United, increased the number the squad's components, improved the team's position and drawn attention to children's need for sport.

  • Local Editor, Exeter Sports, September 2002-November 2004 Edited and published sports articles on the local and national teams.

  • Editorial Assistant, UK Sports, November 2004-May 2007 Won the local award for the best article on Fever Pitch and Children's Distance from Sport

  • Owner/ Editor, Sports Library, June 2007-March 2010

Developed sports magazine.

Edited and published most of the literary sport works available.


  • Essays • Football for Children, A Better Understanding of the Pitch
  • Books • On the Road to the First League
  • Novels • When it Comes to Sundays

Employment History

Football Coach, Exeter United, July 2001-June 2003

Local Editor, Exeter Sports, September 2002-November 2004

Editorial Assistant, UK Sports, November 2004-May 2007

Owner/ Editor, Sports Library, June 2007-March 2010~


University of Exeter, 1978-1982

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

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