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When you are a student in High School, the best thing to do before rushing for a job or internship, is to write a good High School resume. At this stage in life, the level of experience is not high, but youth, the eagerness, and determination could make a student, the best candidate for some jobs. But all the skills and previous qualifications must be highlighted and brought to the surface.

A right high school resume must not be diluted by substance, but should contain any relevant activities and skills acquired in time and relevant for the job applied to. There will be some observation which will help you stand out from the crowd, by highlighting all your positive qualities. The first rule will be that the resume must reflect enough qualities and skills, experience and education related with the objective. By doing this, you should not fall in to the error of writing a general resume, including all the activities, experiences in previous job, extracurricular activities, related or not with the present objective (job or internship). It is just not the right way to go.

The first rule will be not to include any information that is useless while applying job. If you are applying for a summer job, make sure that you are writing more than one resume. You should include any volunteer, membership, computer proficiency and knowledge of other languages. No matter what jobs you are applying for, or what you intend to study in college, employers want to know that you are a well seen member in the community. By listing your participation in humanitarian programs and habitat programs, or your weekly activity in the school cafeteria, you will definitely increase your chances for success. In addition, you can include awards and the competitions you have won in different field.

Membership to clubs or organizations, affiliations to any student associations, or any other club's participation in school or local community, should always be mentioned in the resume. Another important issue is technological knowledge. Knowledge of computer programs will be required in majority of the jobs. High School resume should include any experience in computers, naming the familiar programs. Knowing different languages will be a good advantage in some jobs.

Regarding the length, high school resume should basically not go over a page, but you should not limit yourself and leave out important information just to meet some recommendation of a one page resume. It all depends on the situation, and the relevance of the information that has to be enclosed in the resume, against the objective listed in it. Use format and style to your benefit in order to make both a professional and an elegant resume.

More important than the length of your resume are the key words. Key words have to be used to describe in the best way possible your role and achievements. Use words as: team work, team player, multi task activity, executed, organized, maintained, developed, managed, supervised, enforced, applied, and so on. Besides the substance, the appearance of the resume is importance as well. Verbs should be used in the tense form. All descriptions have to be kept short. Even if the resume won't use full sentences, you should be consistent on your punctuation signs.

High School Resume Template

Personal Information

Name: Eugenie Clarence
Street Address 3054, Hildegard Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94600
Telephone: (510) 339-3020


Looking for a position at entry level for office services.


Hard working, enthusiastic and reliable, I look forward to learn and improve my skills, as I am a person who is not afraid to take a constructive observation.


Eager to learn quickly, and with abilities of thoroughly understanding and following directions, I look forward to find some new challenges, and with the help of my skills and knowledge, to contribute to the company's prosperity.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Highly motivated for advancement in career
  • Contributing with joy to the team common effort on achieving given tasks
  • Help to create a good atmosphere in the working environment, keeping the good cheer and a clean look of the office
  • Capable to deal maturely with problem solving
  • Both listening and communication skills.

Other Skills

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft (Word, Power Point, Excel)
  • Languages: Fluent in both German and French.

Work Experience

Office Assistant, Office Services, Oakland, Ca, 2008-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Taking calls
  • Making and keeping the record for appointments
  • Filing documents
  • Typing correspondence
  • Filing and entering orders into software program
  • Making and tracking invoices for payments
  • Calculation and handling payments by both cash and checks.

Baby-sitter, Shelby House, Oakland, CA, 2008-present

Duties and Responsibilities

Cared for children aged between 1 and 5 age old

Animal Care, Children's Fairy park, Oakland, CA, summer 2008*

(*volunteer job)

Duties and Responsibilities

Cared for small animals within the Fairy Park, as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.


Sherwood High School, Oakland, CA, will graduate June 2009


Good experience in general office activities

Best student of the year- 2007, 2008

Areas of Interest


Communication and negotiation

Office management

English Literature


Jamie Hill

Head Office Manager at

Office Services, Oakland

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