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Interior design was originally a branch of architecture, but now it gained the status of an independent discipline that involves improving living conditions by creating an environment that combines both aesthetic principles, and anthropology and ergonomics that increase the functionality and the quality of interior spaces. In making a design decision, many factors are involved. It's about space itself, with its size and construction, with its potential and limits. There is a significance to any space, which invests it with authority, security, wisdom, success, giving it either a playful allure or a serene one. Besides these, there are practical considerations (access, lighting, acoustics and storage areas).

The interior designer is the one who makes the following things happen:

  • Analyzes customer needs and life style
  • Integrates his findings with knowledge of interior design

  • Formulates preliminary design concepts that are appropriate, functional and aesthetic
  • Develops and presents final design recommendations
  • Prepares presentation materials, simulations and does detailed project execution;
  • Collaborates with other professional services licensed in technical fields (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • Prepares and implements contract documents as an agent of the client;
  • Evaluates the design and implementation of solutions during and at completion of the project.

This is the technical definition of interior design, according to the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, but the design is more than improving living conditions, it is an art, a complex interdisciplinary profession, a cultural process. The profession of indesigner provides research services, development and implementation of plans putting inside a space a need to significantly improve quality of life, increase productivity and protect life, health and welfare of individuals. To this end, the designer offers clients the following services:

  1. Planning
    • Analyzes project resources and its limitations, identifies all life and safety requirements;
    • Draws graphics work, plans work and budgets;
    • Analyzes the space requirements and design objectives;
    • Determines the need and recommends specialists in certain disciplines (structural, plumbing, etc.).
  2. Proposal concept design
    • Formulates preliminary design concepts and adequate space;
    • Describes the nature, function and aesthetics of the project.

  3. Design Development
    • Develops and presents recommendations to the client for final approval of design: space planning, arranging furniture, walls, windows, floors, the interventions on the ceiling, finishes, paints, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting, audio-visual and communications technology;
    • proposes artwork, accessories and decorations
    • proposes budgets

  4. Contract Administration
    • Manages contract documents as a representative of the client
    • Confirms approvals
    • Checks and approves drawings and samples for suppliers to certify that they comply with the design concept
    • Carries out visits and inspections on the ground of work
    • Provides site supervision: monitors the work progress and providers delivery
    • Follows the installation of furniture, textiles and equipment
    • Prepares list of deficiencies.

  5. Evaluation
Monitors and evaluates the implementation of the project, both during execution and at completion.

How does one become an indesigner? If you want to be take up designing as a hobby or maybe just because you think it suits you, you can follow a course of specialization, then go into your neighbor's house and show them all the mistakes they have made when arranging their furniture. But if you have a passion for this field, you can register at one of the faculties of fine arts in the country. For further studies, try a specialization abroad. Practice is particularly important in this area, in which art should be combined with site organization and psychology. You do not need to worry about finding a job after graduation. If you are really good at indesign, you will be pleased to know that the number of companies who are specialized in this field face a continuous growth, and they are always searching new talents.

Indesign Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Anna Hopkins
Birth Date: 12.08.1975
Address, contact details: No. 6, Roses St., New Jersey
Phone No. 121-2324345
Marital Status: Single
Children: no
Driver's License: yes


Becoming a professional indesigner at your company and always delivering the best quality to my clients.

Qualities and skills

  • Able to work long hours
  • Attention for details
  • Fluent in English and French
  • Computer literate: MS Office, Nemetschek, Adobe Photoshop, Rhinoceros 3D, Cinema 4D

Work Experience

Indesigner at Fairview Corp., 2000 - present
Duties and responsibilities
I have managed many indesigns projects for homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels and business centers.


Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, NJ University
MBA in Fine Arts, University of Paris


"Most functional design for a business center", 2007

Areas of interest

Oil painting


Chris Burton, General Manager of Fairview, Corp., New Jersey.

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