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Writing a resume can sometimes be a challenging job for some people; even if they know what they want to have written in the resume, they might find it difficult to format the document and make it appear attractive to the potential employer. Writing a resume requires information, creativity and a presentation way that makes it easy to read and understand. There are a number of people who do not encounter any problem when writing their resume but, however, they may find it difficult to make their presentation look nice or they may get lost in details.

Most employers prefer to read clean, easy to focus on resumes; creativity is good up to a point and most of the times less is more when writing a resume. The point is that one does not want to get lost in all the small formatting details; some people lose their idea if they have too much editing to do and this editing can sometimes interfere with the quality of their work. Text editors, Microsoft Word formatting, styles, templates, italic, bold- all these terms can be confusing for people who are not computer or tech savvy.

They might not be aware of the importance of capitalization or of the importance of not using too much bold text, so their resumes may end up looking messy and disorganized. This is where LaTeX and other text editors step in. Information technology experts have always tried to make things easier for those who do not have too much computer knowledge. They have come up with software, programs, text editors, image editors, etc to make things as easy as possible for people who do not have too much time to waste at the computer.

As part of TeX type program, LaTeX is a language used to write documents with the use of a text editor; there is a number of editors specially created to be used with LaTeX and they are quite easy to use by anybody. LaTeX is not generally used by common people; scientists and mathematicians will probably use this program more often than other people. They are using it because of the features it offers, as such: exporting DocBooksi and XML documents in PDF files, automating of typing, desktop publishing, numbering, tables, layouts.

LaTeX has its origins back in 1980s when it was created by Lamport and it has become the most used way of dealing with TeX editing and language; the main concept of LaTeX is the idea that resume writers should concentrate on the content of what they are writing, and not get lost in editing details. LateX means using chapters, sections, tables, figures in order to create your document and it is somehow similar to HTML or StyleSheet.

When writing your resume in LaTeX, you should have in mind a series of concepts: you are the one specifying the structure of your text and LaTeX does the arrangement of these structures; you can use macros in order to create special formats when you need a more fancy presentation or resume; you have access to a number of packages to make your work easier.

When thinking of reasons why to use LaTeX instead of Microsoft Word or other text editors, here are a few hints: printed LaTeX materials look much better and more professional that a resume written in Word; a LaTeX resume will be different than most of other resumes, because most candidates will write theirs in Word; your LaTeX resume can be easily converted into PDF; you are granted control of the layout; your resume can be exported in different types of files; you stand out, you can make use of its flexibility to be as original as you desire.

Here is a number of commands to use when creating your LaTeX resume:

begin{ressection}{Section Name}
You can add education or experience in here.
resitem{Sentence or two.}
Simple item with a bullet.
ressubitem{Sentence or two.}
Secondary type of item
resbigitem{Name}{Location}{Title and/or date range}
More complex itemsv begin{ressubsec}{Name}{Location}{Title and/or date range}
Secondary but more complex items.
beg in{reslist}{List name}
A list with title.

Using LaTeX is a challenging a rewarding way of making your resume stand out. In a world where the slightest difference can bring you a job or a possibility, it is extremely important to have your own way of doing things. LaTeX is probably the most original resume creator and it will work out for you just fine. All you need to do is focus on your content and leave the rest - the editing - to LaTeX.

LaTeX Resume Template


Becoming a specialist is very difficult nowadays but by working hard and by always being focused on your aims and on your professional development you can always succeed in what you do.

Personal Details

Name: Mary Brown
Address: 6th Break Avenue
Morganton, North Carolina
Birth Date: 12.05. 1990
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single


To become your company's Public Relations' representative and to make everything in my power to prove my knowledge and skills and also the results of many years of experience in this field of activity


Possessing a dynamic personality, being a good communicator and being always interested in improving my skills and in keeping up to date with everything concerning the field of activity in which I work. I am certain that I will be able to prove that by choosing me as you're Public Relations' Representative has not been a mistake Core Competencies

  • Good communication skills
  • Interested in human psychology
  • Willing to work under stressful conditions
  • Great skills in dealing with various types of people
  • Interested in always achieving my goals

Technical skills

Computer Skills: E-mail, Twitter, Internet, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Linux, MacIntosh, Corel
Fluent in English and French
Driver's license: yes
Good typing skills
Diplomas and Certificates
Web Design Certificate
French Diploma
Human Psychology Diploma

Activities/ Work experience

Public Relations Officer, Bridge LTD 2009-2010
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Answering calls
  • Receiving and sending emails
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Dealing with important paperwork
  • Translating documents
  • Organizing important meetings


Bridge College, 2011
Bridge High-school


Gained experience working as a volunteer
Took part in numerous web design training programs
Obtained great results in dealing with people

Areas of Interest

Public relations
Human psychology


Jamie Nickolson
Bridge LTD, North Carolina

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