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Working in law enforcement is probably one of the most dynamic jobs ever; it requires a great number of skills and the determination to help other people. Law enforcement personnel are trained in making sure that laws and regulations are understood and applied, and that there is no fraud or crime going on. Starting with small investigation, surveillance, interrogation, domestic violence, high level crime, law enforcement personnel are the people who they turn to when they need help or assistance.

Some of the main responsibilities of a law enforcement officer include conducting routine investigations related to traffic, cars and shipping. Moreover, special investigations related to crashes, terrorism and homicide are also included, but the responsibilities are varied. Law enforcement personnel are supposed to deal with interview and interrogation techniques, drug issues, weapon, riots, and they are also supposed to have special training in self-defense and the use of weapons. Some law enforcement personnel work for the state, at local police stations, while others may be self-employed (working as detectives) or working for private companies or even for persons.

Law enforcement means maintaining public order and making sure that rules and laws are being respected; some of the law enforcement employees will have to work in open air, patrolling in towns and making sure their physical condition is good enough as to cope with chasing criminals, or even fighting when trying to catch a criminal. Law enforcement officials need to know everything law related; they need to be aware of both civil and penal law systems and they have to be sure about when a law is valid or not. Different countries and states have different laws, so when a law enforcement officer changes jobs and moves to a different place, they need to check the differences between the laws of the two places.

The responsibilities of a law enforcement officer are quite various and first and foremost they involve citizen's safety in the first place. This safety may be physical, emotional (when talking about emotional abuse), and all kinds of human related states of safety. There are law enforcement officers operating online; there are officers doing field work and there are law enforcement officers working with the IRS and other such institutions.

When talking about public safety, it is extremely important that citizens have solid trust in law enforcement officers; they need to have high communication skills and the ability to work and talk to various kinds of people. They also need to know how to behave in a diplomat way, but also to take action when action taking action is necessary. Law enforcement officers should be aware of strategies and ways to deal with difficult situations; there is also a protocol when dealing with criminals or with criminal behavior and specific steps must be taken.

Law enforcement officers are sometimes specialized in terrorism, chemical threats or other kinds of dangers. When deciding to become a law enforcement officer, you need to take into account a great number of factors. Law enforcement is not for everybody and you should know that it takes a lot of practice and study to become a man of law. One of the most important things about law enforcement officers is their character; they need to be reliable citizens, with high morals and ethics and in order to enforce the law, they must be honest and correct themselves. Law enforcement officers usually need to go through a series of psychological tests so that they can be declared fit for the job. Psychological tests want to show their thinking characteristics. In order to become a law enforcement officer, you need to be a strong individual with high ethics and you need to be able to keep your mind clear no matter what.

Law Enforcement is important in the world of violence in which we live nowadays and talented patient persons who are interested in helping people are the ones who should be considered when hiring people in this field of activity

Law Enforcement Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Christian Moore
Birth Date: 23.05.1976
Nationality: American
Address: 123 Caulimore Street, Boston
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, one
Driver's License: Yes, experienced driver


To become a law enforcement officer and to prove that I care about people, about what is good and bad, about justice


Good communicator, with a good physical condition, with the willingness to adapt to various work conditions and to deal with the requirements of this job properly, I am looking forward to being given the possibility of doing something for the society in which I live

Skills and Qualities

  • Resistant to stress, highly organized
  • Ability to work for long hours
  • Able to work in all weather conditions
  • Dynamic, excellent physical condition
  • Good communication skills, fluent in English and French
  • Positive attitude

Work Experience

Domestic Violence Officer, 2007-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Answering to phone calls regarding domestic violence
  • Offering assistance when solicited
  • Solving domestic violence complaints
  • Investigating, drawing conclusions
  • First aid responsibilities
Deputy Office, 2003-2007
Duties and responsibilities
  • Assisting the officer in his daily duties
  • Responding to phone calls, e-mail and other requests and complaints
  • Doing the company's PR and customer service
  • Guarding, duty


North Carolina State High-School Diploma
Law Enforcement Diploma
Self-defense workshop in Boone


Obtained great results in working with people
Dealt with numerous domestic violence complaints properly
Offered assistance whenever it was required

Areas of interest

Law Enforcement
Customer Service


Jeremy Moon
Deputy Office

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