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Lawyers are considered the advocates or the advisers of the public. Lawyers can choose to either work independently, in law firms, private companies or government agencies. There is an extreme competition in this field because of the responsibility bestowed upon them. Lawyers are highly skilled individuals who represent and advice clients to legal procedures in a case.

Usually, a lawyer has two important roles: the role of a campaigner or advisor to the client. In order to be an advocate for clients, lawyers are responsible for researching and applying laws to the case of their clients. These skilled professionals need to collaborate with their clients in order to research and discover information that can be used to successfully resolve a case.

Lawyers usually negotiate with other lawyers in order to resolve or handle a case before it reaches the court; if they cannot settle an agreement, lawyers attend hearings and trials to defend their party. The main duty of a lawyer is to represent and to defend his client in the court by offering testimonies and proofs. Other duties refer to organizing legal files and verify the case and the documents involved in representing a client; writing various legal documents in order to be presented in case trials.

Your lawyer resume needs to emphasize on important elements like responsibility, passion, motivation and collaboration. The first section of your lawyer resume should be a dynamic objective statement which can describe what expectations you have in your professional career. The objective statement can also describe what type of position you are looking for and what skills and qualifications you have for the job. In the next section, you can add a qualifications summary where you write four or five sentences about your main capabilities.

Your lawyer resume also needs to present details about previous positions in the field. The best thing you can do here is to add as many details as you can so that the employer can see how you helped your department progress or how many cases you have won. You can mention the number of clients you worked with, in how many trials or cases you worked and the responsibilities you had. In this section, you can also describe the skills and abilities you used in winning the cases. Don't forget to describe all your duties and achievements and mention the name of the position you held and the period of employment.

The education section of your lawyer resume can also be detailed. Present your education in reverse chronological order and start with your most recent degrees. You should present more details about the training you have as a lawyer. Mention additional courses or workshops that you think are relevant for a lawyer position. The final section of your resume should focus on affiliations or personal achievements. In this section, you can mention internships, clubs or associations you frequent. You can also refer to this page for more guidelines on how to write a perfect resume. Lawyers must possess a deep knowledge on the law system. These professionals are usually required to possess advance logical and analytical thinking. They also need to have excellent leadership skills and to be passionate in executing justice in society.

Lawyer Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Frank Collins
Birth Date: 23.08.1973
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, two
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking a challenging and rewarding position as a Lawyer in a growth-oriented company where I can use my logical and analytical skills, my strong knowledge and expertise in the field as well as my solid educational background.


Talented, enthusiastic and motivated Lawyer with extensive experience in providing quality legal service to the public; expertise in coordinating legal activities and in formulating contracts.

Qualities and Skills

  • Good administration and leadership skills
  • Strong knowledge of legal laws, terms and documents
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to inform customers on claim liability, prosecuting lawsuits or other legal information
  • Ability to manage legal documents and matters
  • Capable to handle and resolve legal problems and issues.

Work Experience

Lawyer, Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP, Baltimore, MD, 2005-present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Offered legal advice and counsel in compliance with the legal rights and policies of the company
  • Researched and analyzed legal questions and documents
  • Prepared and submitted court papers, briefs for trials or appellate proceedings
  • Submitted trademark or copyright applications outside the counsel
  • Represented the company at various meetings
  • Trained, educated and coordinated less experienced attorneys in preparing cases
  • Supervised and managed projects for the company.

Attorney, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY, 2002-2005

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provided advice and recommendation on subjects related to obligations, legal rights and privileges of a company
  • Analyzed legal questions, issues and problems of the company
  • Offered advice regarding the legal status of the rights and privileges of various properties; provided recommendations regarding the possibility of taking legal course of action
  • Handled and answered questions regarding the company's privileges and obligations
  • Coordinated and supervised attorneys; resolved company's problems and provided the daily tasks to staff.

Legal Assistant, Thomas Bryan & Associates, LLC™, New York, NY, 1997-2002

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepared and submitted policy briefs and other legal documents
  • Managed and coordinated the company's staff in order to find effective strategies or tactics to win cases and trials
  • Offered administrative support for the attorneys and the administrators that worked for the company
  • Wrote expense reports and submitted them to the legal counsel
  • Coordinated and managed research documents
  • Organized the database of the company and implemented regulatory practices and policies
  • Managed vendor invoices and outside counsel.


Master's Degree in Law, Yale University
Bachelor's Degree in Law, Yale University

Affiliations and Achievements

  • Dean's Lister, Yale University, 1997
  • Member of the American Bar Association since 2002
  • Member of the American Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys since 2004

Areas of Interest



References available upon request

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