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Considering all the changes of today's society, the labor market has become increasingly large with a variety of jobs and specializations. Many companies and organizations look for experienced, competitive candidates to face the responsibilities related with all management areas. The persons who have a very good understanding of the domain in which they work and who are able to carry on all the manager's duties, including internal, and external activities, so as to benefit the company, are considered fit to correspond to the demands of today. It is quite important for a manager to have good communication and negotiation skills. For some senior levels of managing, just having relevant qualification and skills, degree diploma or experience, won't be enough, if there is not a proper manager resume, involved in this equation. A proper resume has to empower the job-seeker to reach for new job opportunities.

There are some points that should be observed, when filling out a manager resume template. The observations below are for directions, considering that a proper manager resume must always serve the following purposes:

It should highlight all job-seeker key and specific skills and knowledge that recommends his work as proper and most of all, efficient.

It has to bring up front all the abilities to adaptability and fast learning.

It should include all previous working experience and all the successful stories, highlighting all his achievements.

For the younger managers, resume has to reveal the involvement in other activities and smaller management forms related to different industries or departments/divisions.

Manager resume has to show how passionate the candidate is about the management of the domain.

And finally, manager resume must catch attention of the employer to the candidate, and determine him to call in order to establish an interview.

The manager resume template displayed under is representative for a Knitting Manager resume.

Manager Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Olga Brown
Birth Date: 25.06.1975
Address and Contact Details: 51 Western Boulevard, Leicester
Marital Status: Married


To work in a strong company that will allow me to capitalize on gained experience, in which my professional experience will be recognized and appreciated as being valuable.


My experience covers a wide range of areas: management, knitting industrial production, maintenance engineering. All previous jobs required flexibility and responsibility, attention to details. These qualities have helped me in my work and recommend me for the open General Knitting job.

Qualities and Skills

  • To communicate with people at different levels within a business;
  • To manage a production plan;
  • Good appreciation of yarns and make-up, size fit and grading, finishing process
  • Flexibility and motivation in achieving the proposed targets;
  • Orientation towards the market tendencies, oriented to practical solutions.

Other skills

  • Good knowledge of French (written spoken); average knowledge of Italian;
  • Computer operating on Microsoft Office, Internet

Work Experience

Shebang Knitting Co.Ltd. New Castle, 2004-2010
Technical Manager, 2006-2010
Knitting Manager, Shima Knitting Department, 2004-2006
Duties and responsibilities

  • Planning and organizing production operating cycling
  • Programming of Shima Seiki computerized systems for fully fashioned and cut & sew garments
  • Set-up knitting floor layout in regards of installing of new machinery
  • Responsible for day to day management of the knitting department Responsible on supervising quality of the knitting plan
  • To be involved in feasibility meetings to ensure that the garments are fit for purpose and can be made successfully in bulk production
  • To liaise with design, make-up and finishing department to minimize quality problems
  • To provide technical liaison with factory managers and to assist for training any relevant factory staff on new and already existing company products.
  • Involved in the management of the overall company, assisting on finding new customers
Knitwear Fashion Co.Ltd. Leicester, 2000-2004
Maintenance Engineer, 2000-2002
Technical Engineer, 2002-2004
Duties and responsibilities
  • Maintenance of equipment and machinery;
  • Performance monitoring of machinery;
  • Assisting on technical side of setting up of a knitting plant with state of the art computerized machinery
  • Programming of Shima Seiki computerized systems for fully fashioned and cut & sew garments.


Master's Degree in Knitting technologies and products, graduated in 2000
Bachelor's Degree at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, graduated in 1999
Training courses on knitting programming of wholegarment technology at Shima Seiki authorized representative, November 2003


Dealt with all daily production problems in the most efficient way possible
Creation and consolidation of an optimized work team on knitting department
As Technical Director I was directly involved in the management of the company, helping to bring new customers, such as Next and George. I managed to reduce the number of rejections on the quality, through constant collaboration with other departments, which created a good reputation of the delivered products.

Areas of Interest

Management Communication


Mr. J. Roberts- General Executive Manager, Shebang Knitting Co.Ltd., New Castle

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