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Mechanic Knitting Industry Resume Templates

The range of activities on the mechanic side is wide and depends on the trades involved: production fields, service or maintenance, operating or engineering. Regardless of all these aspects, mechanics has never been anything else but hard work, organized activity and talent. Thus, it is quite important for both employee and employer to be able to make the right choice for the right people or companies. A good mechanic has to have: knowledge in the field, skills and determination, he has to be able to work in a team, as it is usually asked by the nature of the trade. Mechanics is everywhere, on every aspect of our industrial society, and plays a basic role. Starting from the beginning, it is necessary for a person who wants to follow this carrier to build experience and to be able to reach, in time, the extremely powerful position of a height experienced mechanic. He has to solve all daily tasks, supervising all the reserved activity, being able to carry out any maintenance schedule.

Considering all this, a person that needs to compose or revise his resume, desiring to pursue and develop a mechanical career, should have in mind what are the various aspects of this activity on a daily basis. A qualify mechanic has to know the operating cycle of the appliances, devices, equipments which are under his supervision. Because many interventions that are carried out required teamwork, it is important for a mechanic to be a team player at any time, and to acknowledge the role of every colleague from the team. Assisting the plan manager could be an essential requirement for those how may consider working in a manufacturing plan or an operating one. A person that follows procedures and carefully respects them will be a good asset to a company, because he is aware of the risks that exist in terms of accidents, or even of more serious destructions, and is doing his best to avoid them. In many industrial trades, operating worker has to benefit of the mechanic's expertise. A good, self imposed, time management will give the warranty of a good, but also efficient job.

In terms of repairing work, daily routine will not mean anything else but to follow the job description, and for all the spare parts involved in this equation, there will be a budget to respect and follow. Thus, while repairing and maintaining will be the main priority, management skills for opened job may also be important. Monitoring the entire maintenance schedule will save company money. It will always be accepted as a fact to choose as the best candidate for the job, the person that wants to make a difference, needs and want to open even more his professional horizon. The ability to work for prevention instead of intervention will enable the mechanic to stop errors from happening.

For some jobs, training courses may be required. There are many domains that involve different mechanic positions such as: aircraft, automotives, cars, diesel, electrical, industrial, knitting, maintenance, motorcycle, refrigeration, sewing, trailer and so on. The mechanic position inside a knitting plan is vital for the activity of the department; even more, an activity without any disturbing breakdowns will offer a fluent and secure operating flux for the entire department in the company

Mechanic Knitting Industry Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Paul Hill
Birth Date: 12.02.1975
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, two.
Nationality: British
Driver's License: Yes


My objective is to work in your company that would allow exploitation of my experience, the work potential, and recognition of my expertise, being appreciated as a valuable asset to the company by fulfilling all its the objectives imposed by this.


I have the confidence that with my knowledge in knitting production and technology, and having at my disposable the most recent knowledge of manufacturing machinery and technologies, I can meet the requirements of this job and the chance to progress in the company as well.

Qualities and Skills

  • Communication abilities with people at different levels within a business.
  • Managing and training a team of people.
  • General knowledge in knitted structured design
  • Flexibility and motivation of achieving a target.

Employment history

Chief Mechanic at Richard Roberts Knitwear Ltd, 2008-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Full planned maintenance of machinery.
  • Maintenance of equipment and machinery;
  • Performance monitoring of machinery;
  • Set-up knitting floor layout in regards of new machinery;
  • Preparing pattern equipment for any variety of knitted fabric that will be included in all kind off clothing: hosiery, jumpers, skirts and underwear.
  • Using mechanical tools in order to set up the machineries
Machine operator at Stuart Mensley Knitwear Ltd, 2005-2008
Duties and Responsibilities
Production on continental shifts.
  • Responsible for knitting machinery distributed;


Technical High-School Leicester
License in mechanics, Registered mechanic qualifications
Training course on Shima Seiki machinery at Leicester, Shima Seiki branch office in may 2004


I have followed the maintenance schedule, to create all the conditions for meeting the target in number of pieces knitted per shift.
I had provided training to QC's supervisors and mechanics in plating knitting with lycra for fully fashioned garments;

Areas of interest

Knitting Technology


Robert Smith,
Technical Project Manager
Tango Fashion Trading LTD, Leicester

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