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Being a medical assistant requires professional training and a warm, patient and generous nature. Of course, depending on the medical field in which you perform your job, you will have different tasks. The resume sample of a medical assistant given below and the one given in this link will help you put your work experience in the right manner. The main responsibilities of a medical assistant are the following:

  1. Takes in the newly admitted patient, check his personal toilet, the hospital garments, and takes him to the salon.
  2. Oversees the admission of the patient's personal belongings and makes sure his valuable items are kept safe.
  3. Instructs patients and caregivers on the internal regulations posted in the unit.
  4. On admission, observes the symptoms of the patient, measures and records his vital signs, and decides if the patient's condition requires the immediate presence of a doctor.
  5. Shows the patient to the examination room of the doctor and informs him about the conditions observed.
  6. Performs patient care following the therapeutical plan of care and functionally and systematically informs the doctor about the patient's evolution.
  7. Takes notes on the recommendations made by the doctor in a book that remains permanently in that department.
  8. Identifies patient care problems, establishes priorities, develops and implements the care plan and evaluates results throughout the hospitalization.
  9. Prepares the patient, performs the necessary examinations, organizes his transport according to his conditions and supervises the transportation.
  10. Prepares the patient and offers medical support to conduct special investigative techniques and treatments.
  11. Performs these medical techniques: oral drug administration, injection (intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous) makes infusions (with or without a canula assembly), makes bandages, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation if necessary, surveys gastric ulcer, development of enemas, TA type measuring biological constants, temperature, diuresis, pulse, respiration and records temperature on the sheet of their patient, performance of the daily and emergency analysis (chemistry, hematology, bacteriology, mycology , serological, urine biochemistry, immunology, coagulation, etc.) and records the patient's values in FO. Performs therapeutic procedures, treatments and investigations according to medical indication.
  12. Offers first aid in emergency situations and calls the doctor.
  13. Observes the symptoms and the patient's condition and records them in the care sheet.
  14. Is responsible for keeping the patient's sheet in the best conditions.
  15. Provides record keeping and results of investigations in the patient observation chart and specific records.
  16. Participates at the doctor's room visits and at those of the ward medical chief.
  17. Notes the doctor's recommendations on the observation sheet and has the role to execute them autonomously within the limits of his/her competence.
  18. Develops an intense activity of health education based on the patient's status and problems.
  19. Notices the appetite of patients, supervises the distribution of the meals as recorded in the diet observation sheet.
  20. Monitors the patient according to the medical recommendations.
  21. Keeps professional secrecy and the code of ethics of nurses
  22. Is responsible for patients taking the drugs written on the register, and for their correct and complete distribution
  23. Participates in emergency nurses report, announces problems.
  24. Observes the rational use of materials, supplies them according to needs
  25. Ensures the preservation and use of tools and equipment from the existing inventory
  26. Encodes in the general clinical observation sheets procedures performed on patients
  27. The schedule of work and shifts are set by the head nurse
  28. Follows the Code of ethics of the Order of Nurses
  29. Respects the rules of procedure
  30. Wears the protective equipment stipulated by internal regulations, which will be changed whenever needed, to maintain personal hygiene and aesthetics
  31. Participates in research activities in medical and health care.

Medical assistant Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Joanna Russell
Birth Date: 11.09.1975
Address, contact details: Lake St., no.15, New Jersey
Marital Status: Single
Children: no
Driver's License: yes


To become a nurse in your hospital, one of the most prestigious in our country, a hospital that can offer me the perspective and challenges I need for the future development of my career.


I have the necessary studies at a prestigious nurses' school, as well as professional experience and a very good reputation as a devoted worker and pleasant colleague.

Qualities and skills

  • Patient
  • Communicative and open-minded
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Computer literate
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese

Work Experience

Medical Assistant in the Surgical Ward, Princeton Hospital, NJ, 2000 - present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Attended many surgeries
  • Took care of the patients in the ICU ward
  • Constantly monitored the patients' condition and reported it to the attending doctor


Graduated first in my class from New Jersey School of Medical Assistants.

Areas of interest

  • Medicine
  • Literature


Patrick Newman, Chief of Staff at Princeton New Jersey Hospital.

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