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A Physician is a senior doctor that finished his residency and is practicing medicine. Physicians can work in a hospital or can practice medicine independently in a private clinic. These professionals can also share a clinic with other physicians that have different specializations. A physician has to diagnose and to decide how to treat various conditions of patients.

The duties of Physicians usually include the following: they read reports or findings about tests that patients undergo. After reading and verifying these tests, they have to make a report which is called the APS which means the Attending Physician Statement. This report presents the patient's health condition, the medications he needs to take and the patient's detailed medical history. The Attending Physician Statement can be used so that the patient can receive medical insurance. Among patients, Physicians also have to deal with students. They train and coordinate the work of interns and the residents of the hospital where they work. A physician is required to have the assistance of a group of other physicians. There are physicians who, instead of working in a hospital or in a clinic, choose to teach in universities and medical schools. They offer their knowledge and their experience to aspiring physicians. Physicians who decide to dedicate their career to teaching don't need a license to practice, but they need to have a teaching license.

The first things that you have to add when writing your Physician Resume are the contact information with your name, address and phone number; then you have to add a short introduction describing what this positions means to you. You can also add the summary qualifications describing your most important skills and qualifications. Then, you can add the objective statement, the skills and qualifications, working experience and training. In the objective statement write what type of job you are looking for and what skills you have to gain the job.

In the abilities section you can list general skills, but also specific skills you have gained as a Physician. For example: attentive, professional who seeks accuracy and perfection, good communication skills, both oral and written. In the working experience section present your previous jobs from your current to the last position you held. Describe what were your main tasks and responsibilities like reviewed and managed medical plans for patient rehabilitation or coordinated the clinical records of patients.

You can also add the name of the position, the name of the company and the period of employment. The final section of your Resume has to be about your training and education. Successful Physicians are required to have graduated from a reputable medical school and to have taken a 4-year medical program. They also have to take a residency program that has to be accredited by the school the applicant graduated from.

Physicians need to be highly skilled individuals with deep knowledge in various medical procedures.

Physician Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: David White
Birth Date: 24.06.1977
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, one.v Driver's License: Yes


Seeking a challenging position as a Physician in a well-organized company where I can use my great organizational and leadership skills, my extensive knowledge in the medical field and my solid educational background


Enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated Physician with more than ten years experience in performing advanced medical work, in coordinating medical activities, in monitoring trends and activities and in making various recommendations for diagnosing and treating patients

Qualities and Skills

  • Knowledge of the legal and ethical standards for offering medical care
  • Ability to maintain quality and safety standards in the medical facility
  • Ability to supervise and coordinate professionals and students in the area of expertise
  • Deep knowledge of principles, methods and procedures for offering medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong ability to work independently and in a team environment

Work Experience

Physician, Physician Career Pathways, New York, NY, 2005-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Provided direct patient care like physical examinations, diagnoses and treatment
  • Prescribed pharmaceuticals, medications and treatment regimens for patients
  • Trained, supervised and coordinated medical students or residents in specialty activities and procedures
  • Managed daily operations of the specific patient care unit
  • Coordinated patient care activities and procedures as required
  • Respected departmental policies and procedures, as well as safety, environmental, and infection control standards.
  • Participated in various education or prevention programs and trainings

Physician III, State Hospital, New York, NY, 2000-2005
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Directed and coordinated the activities of the medical staff
  • Performed health and sanitation inspections; prepared reports or recommendations when needed
  • Monitored medical treatment of patients and reviewed diagnostic studies
  • Followed medical trends and provided recommendations on hospital policies and new ways of treatment
  • Reviewed and managed medical plans for patient rehabilitation and treatment
  • Responsible for coordinating the clinical records of patients
  • Performed surgical operations and autopsies on patients
  • Supervised and offered tasks to employees and interns of the hospital

Internship experience

Physician Intern, State Hospital, New York, NY, 1999-2000
Duties and responsibilities

  • Evaluated and treated patients in the emergency department
  • Observed and treated approximately 25% of patients admitted to the Hospital,
  • Performed daily work activities like work rounds, wrote notes, orders and reports regarding the patient's general health, communicated with nursing staff and parents
  • Participated in teaching conferences and other trainings


Master's Degree of Medicine, New York University
Bachelor's Degree of Medicine, New York University


Dean's Lister, New York University, 1999

Areas of interest

Medical Care


References available upon request

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