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Someone's resume must be his advertising clip of 20 seconds. It supposes to speak to your reader about YOU. In these 20 seconds it is vital to catch attention with your resume. In order to do so, you have to write a professional resume, with your personality reflection over it. Professional resume templates can make this difference for you. An important fact is that all resumes should start by using a professional resume format. You have to spend enough time on thinking what should be enclosed in your resume, but not to worry about the presentation and format of your resume. Considering that both content and formatting should benefit from equal attention, web sites are prepared these days to give assistance to anyone who would like to present himself with a professional resume before the employer's eyes. Programs and advices are available in this matter and they have as their sole purpose to take the burden of layout formats off your shoulders.

The whole point of having a professional resume is to get an interview with the prospect of been employed. A professional resume that highlights your best qualities should basically convince the recruiter or the employer about your qualifications before attending to an interview. You can use numerous free resume templates over the internet in order to update your current resume. Start always from your Microsoft Word version of your resume. Word software process will allow you to be creative and make your own resume to stand out from any other basic resumes. What you need is to copy the existing information from the word file into a pre-designed professional resume template. Within minutes, all the information will be presented into a resume with a professional layout that will generate interest from employers in meeting you in order to find out more about your skills and knowledge.

Using blank professional resume templates to design your own resume will make you to earn more money. With the help of an outstanding resume, it will be easier to look for better paid jobs and for new professional opportunities. Your life can be improved when you will realize what your best points are; in order to pursue them in your career you need to follow a path that will really bust your professional progress. These Professional resume templates are usually 'free' of charge, and will make the writing process of your resume much easier for you. Apart from this, blank templates are Professional resume samples that you would need to consult for any trade.

Professional Resume Template

Personal details

Name: Edward Smith
Street Address: 124 Castle Street
Oakland, Canada, 94600
Marital status: married
Birth date: 10.10.1971
Telephone: (510) 339-3020


With over 10 years of experience in administration activities in the Warehouse management in merchandising business, I am looking forward to use my experience for the benefit of your company.


Currently employed as a Warehouse Manager, with good communication and management skills, I would like to work in a strong company, where I can use my potential to expand my professional horizons, meeting the objectives imposed by the company.

Skills and Core Competencies

Experience in carrying out daily tasks of the Warehouse Management
To communicate with people at different levels within the business
Customer orientation and professional attitude
Flexibility and adaptability to change.

Work Experience

Warehouse Manager, Soft Drinks Distribution Ltd., Oakland, CA, 1999 • present

Duties and responsibilities

Receipt of the goods in and out of storage
Storage of products in good condition and the handling of goods
Achieved accurate inventory and record daily
Inventory stocks checking and updating the lists of new orders
Working documents on the management of allocated area
Participation to the inventory of merchandising
Providing loading and unloading goods in optimal conditions
Preparation of papers for transportation of the goods
Trained incoming new staff.

Shop Assistant, Food Dali, Oakland, CA, 1993-1999

Duties and responsibilities

Reception and marketing of goods
Storage and handling of goods
Achieve accurate inventory and daily records
Stock inventory checking and updating the lists of new orders
Meet quality work rules.


Bachelor's Degree at University of Economics and Business Administration, Oakland, CA, 1996

Other skills

Class B driver's license holder since 1993
Average knowledge of Hungarian language
Languages: Fluent in both German and French
Knowledge of PC and Microsoft Office package


Assured an efficient activity of the warehouse by being organized and appreciating the team effort on hitting sales targets

Area of interest

Accounting management in wholesale merchandising business


References available upon request

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