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Practice work in publishing is associated with the publication in printed sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, journals, posters, albums, greeting cards, etc. All these works are carried out through print media, by experienced technicians. Format and layout of the content and their design varies according to the page prepared by the publisher. After designing the content and formatting the page, the content is inserted in a film or a negative plate, designed to be used in the printing machine. This machine starts printing in large number of the editions, only after the movies (molds) are approved by an editor. All activity in the printed press are performed by experienced specialists. As the position for printing and publication services are the following: Pressman, Second Pressman, Press Operator, Printing Press Operator, Printing Pressman, Offset Pressman, First Pressman, Press and Feeder Helper.

Printing and publication of the book have played an important role in the development of humanity since ancient times. Role of this job was to preserve the events, stories, photos, bibliographies and most important memories for posterity. With the new era of development over the Internet and software's computers, the concept of preservation, collection, and printing have been updated. Printed materials can circulate around the world, to all readers, as printed material. To have a job opportunity in this area is important to have a competent resume in the field of published press.

Like any other resume, publisher resume begins by enlisting personal data. In the Objective section, your goal should be written in terms of desire to own one of the positions available in the printed press, citing the current skills and previous experience that can make you effectively in such position. After writing your objective, it is important to mention your native abilities in your Personal Summary, those that recommend you for such a position. It Previous experience that recommends your candidacy for the publisher position services should be emphasized. This has to bring to light the successful results obtained over the work undertaken in the field and to list the skills necessary to fulfill such work in the print media. Your Professional Expertise and Professional Experience should reveal all the experiences that you have currently in your hand. Any recognition, prize or reward obtained for the contribution in the field of published media, must be mentioned. Using keywords is extremely important to substantiate experience and your current position in the printed press. List your general education or any degree at Education section from your resume and relevant training courses at your Professional Education section. Any skills that will reveal your wide range of knowledge in software's computer and Internet should be mentioned, as well your proficiency in foreign languages. We provide you with an example of a publisher resume template below. Sample of entry level publishing resume will focus on the candidate's qualifications in a short and objective manner.

Publisher Resume Template

Personal details

Name: Carla Smith
Street Address: 124 Ellis Street
Oakland, Canada, 94600
Marital status: married
Birth date: 10.10.1984
Telephone: (510) 339-3020


Looking for entry level position within the publishing industry. Highly ambitious, creative and diligent I am looking forward to enlarge my horizon, helping the company benefit from it.


Currently employed as Arts Teacher of fourth grade, with natural qualities for writing and reading, I would like to meet the chance of a turning point in my career as Publisher at your Company. With my potential and proven skills, I would make an excellent candidate for your young company.

Professional Expertise

  • Editorial skills
  • Excellent knowledge of all aspects of English literature and language
  • Ability to use skills of both proofreading and copy-editing
  • Basic knowledge of book and news paper publishing industry
  • Efficient in organizing, sorting, analyzing and publishing information
  • Elementary knowledge on Marketing
  • Effective writing extraordinary stories, rewriting and editing articles
  • Ability and efficiency in individual work


Skills in supervising the production of books and newspaper
Ability to assist with the process of formatting and layout
Ability to review and approve the writing samples


Excellent capacity to manage and control inventory
Writing and ordering the work
Ability to manage shipping and billing in order to collect payments

Other skills

Computer skills
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Power Point
Microsoft Photo Editor
Corel Ventura
Lotus 1-2-3

Languages skills

Average knowledge of the Italian language
Languages: Fluent in both German and French

Professional Experience

Art Teacher of four grades, Middle Town High School, Oakland, CA, 2007 present Duties and responsibilities

  • Art classes for four grade classes
  • Reading Specialist
  • Worked in publishing center for students
  • Consultant for school newspaper
  • Managed various process for writing


Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Elementary Education at Oakland University, CA, June 2007


I have assured quality and efficiency in the school newspaper publishing and brought publication knowledge to student's attention.

Area of interest

Fine arts
English literature


Shelby Manson
Middle Town High School, Oakland, CA

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