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A software engineer is responsible for the design and the creative execution of software programs. Software engineers are system specialists who develop the software needed to run computer systems. These specialists can also develop applications that have a specific task.

Other duties of a software engineer refer to: explaining the business functions to programmers; explaining various applications to managers and executives; analyzing user requirements; researching various types of designs and developing and testing new software programs in order to find errors. These specialists are also responsible for verifying software systems; for developing various programs; for integrating existing software products and for researching new technologies and applications in the field of software engineering. They design specific technical specifications by working with computer coding languages like C#, Java, ASP, XML and SQL.

Software Engineers are specialists who write operational documents by collaborating with other staff members. They are responsible for the maintenance systems and for detecting software defects or bugs; for updating the technical skills by participating at various workshops and seminars in the software engineering field.

The first things you have to add when writing your software engineer resume are the contact information with your name, address and phone number. You can also add the summary qualifications describing your most important skills and qualifications. Then, you can add the objective statement, the skills and qualifications, working experience and training. In the objective statement, write what type of job you are looking for and what skills you have to gain from the job.

In the abilities section, you can list general skills, but also specific skills you have gained as a software engineer. For example, your excellent communication skills and your outstanding problem-solving skills. In the working experience section, present your previous jobs from your current to the last position you held. Describe your main tasks and responsibilities like designed and created software programs or developed and tested new software programs in order to find errors or bugs.

You can also add the name of the position, the name of the company and the period of employment. The final section of your resume has to be about your training and education. Successful software engineers are required to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or in other related field. They also have to take a residency program that has to be accredited by the school the applicant graduated from.

Software engineering is a very complex field where specialists are required to be familiar with basic business functions and to understand design methodologies. These specialists also need to be proficient in using relevant and specialized codes. Successful software engineers need to be detail-oriented, analytical and they need to be able to solve logical problems in a rapid manner.

Software Engineer Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: Daniel Rogue
Birth Date: 27.05.1974
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, one
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain a position as a Software Engineer in a well known organization where my exceptional analytical skills and my strong knowledge and expertise in Software Engineering can be fully utilized.


Dynamic and creative with strong expertise in Engineering web development, in the analysis and design of databases. Proficient in designing business plans, user documents and architectural systems research.

Qualities and Skills

  • Good administration and leadership skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge in databases: Oracle, Access and SAP; Software: Microsoft SQL Server, DB Artisan, Microsoft Office, FrontPage, Remedy; Languages: C#, Java, ASP, XML and SQL
  • Outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to solve logical problems rapidly.

Work Experience

Software Engineer, DataClarity Corporation, Washington, DC, 2006-present
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Replace the customer account software systems which was used by brokerage teams
  • Designed and implemented a feedback system for user's problems and issues regarding the functionality of various interfaces
  • Used XML, XSL, Java or JWS to code web design interfaces
  • Provided intranet support for employees
  • Developed the Advantage@Work system
  • Provided customer support by using Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 9i
  • Developed new banking software interfaces
  • Developed the company's snapshot area, fundamentals area and broker screening area.

Systems Programmer, Klein Management Systems, New Jersey, 2003-2006
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Verified and implemented the RIS on Windows Vista
  • Responsible for handling client builds
  • Researched RIS in order to be developed world-wide. Presented the data to the Microsoft Joint Development Team
  • Prepared and presented monthly progress reports and participated in staff meetings
  • Collected and loaded various data of clients in desired target application.

Software Engineer, AVID Technical Resources, Inc., Boston, MA, 2000-2003
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Developed and applied new feedback systems for system users
  • Developed and implemented the software systems used by brokerage teams
  • Used various codes with languages like AJAX, XML or Java
  • Collaborated and developed new banking software interfaces. Survived legacy systems and provided new interfaces
  • Performed other duties as required.


Master's Degree in Computer Science, New York University
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, New York University

Affiliations and Achievements

Dean's Lister, New York University, 2000
Member of New York Software Alliance since 2004
Member of Computing Research Association since 2006

Areas of Interest

Software Engineering


References available upon request

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