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Technical resume template is focused on technical skills, and should contain a special section called "technical expertise". An employer will be determined to react positively when reading a resume, if some base rules are followed. The most relevant elements that should be contained into a technical resume template are the ones with highest impact, such as: career objective, summary of qualifications, technical expertise, professional experience and education. It is very important to insert any names of specific programs or technology in your technical resume. Employers will be able to see your domain of expertise. A technical resume should catch the attention of the reader in 20-30 seconds, and the information needs to be focused and say instantly who you are and what you are capable of, in your technical domain. Make a straightforward statement of your objective or style your statement by explaining how the employer will benefit from hiring you. Use keywords to highlight all your qualification and skills. You should keep more than one resume, essentially the same, but focused with alternatives objectives. The goal must be stated in the context of the technical field for which you are applying and you have the expertise for.

Summary of qualifications, profile or other sections of this kind will sharpen even more your objective. Underneath the core competencies, and your technical skills should be listed. This last section may include technical skills or personal ones, if they are relevant for the job applying. Both interpersonal and communication skills are good to be mentioned in here also. The latest technology that you have expertise for should be enlisted here, if it has relevance for the open job. Enlist all this with details and start with the latest one on top. Describe your contribution in previous organizations and company from the technical point of view. Any other achievements of yours, such as developing new programs, tools, designs or any other technical process, should be enlisted in your achievements section.

Make sure to list your work experience and education: first title/position, name of the employer, city and state, and at the last the dates. The same rule applies to education. Regarding the right order in which the work experience and education should appear in a technical resume, it all depends. Both will be listed in reverse chronological order. For some fields such as science, education will be more important than experience. Even on many European countries, education is considered first in importance. Emphasize your expertise and the value of it by listing your degree and college attained, your trainings, specializations, research projects and so on. Name the subject of your specialization and graduate level. List your other relevant skills as computer knowledge and known languages in separate section after your education. Make sure to mention your computer qualifications on the top of the summary of qualifications if the open job position makes it relevant. Look below for a technical resume template for the knitwear industry.

Technical Resume Template

Personal details

Name: Philip Smith
Street Address: 134 Castle Street
Leicester, England, UK
Email: psmith@sample~resume.comv Marital status: married
Birth date: 10.10.1976
Telephone: (510) 339-3020


I am a Knitwear Technician Manager with seven years experience, most recently promoted as Project Manager.


I wish to join your Company as a Project manager to develop my skills in projecting garment products. I am looking forward to put all my knitwear expertise at the Company's welfare.

Profile Extremely eager to expand my Technical knowledge in projecting and developing new garments for technologies as whole garment knitting and intarsia knits.

Technical qualifications

BSc in Knitwear and Textile technology
Higher National Certificate in Textile
Licentiateship of City and Guilds
City and Guilds Senior Craft's Certificate in Knitting
Licentiateship of City and Guilds
Licentiateship of the Textile Institute

Other skills

Strong communication skills
Good knowledge of German and French (written • spoken)
Computer operating on Microsoft Office, Internet

Technical skills

Strong knowledge of knitwear production and garment construction
Up to date with manufacturing machinery and technologies

Work Experience

Technical Manager/Project Manager, Shibani Knitting Co.Ltd. New Hampton, 2007-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Responsible for technical development of new article and co-ordination of all new projects
  • Approved size grading, customer and internal size set prior to bulk production
  • Worked with designer providing technical advice
  • Micro knit design system and garment specifications for bulk production
  • Provide technical liaison with factory managers and trained new stuff.
  • Responsible for day to day management of project department
  • Issue weekly report for all project developments

Knitwear Technologist/ Technical Manager, Tango Fashion Co.Ltd. New Castle, 2000-2007

Duties and responsibilities

  • Worked with designers providing technical advice for designs and new fabric structures
  • Produced knitting machine programs
  • Knit newly developed fabrics, with respect to the quality of the garment and optimization of the process
  • Promoted to Quality/Technical Manager


Bachelor's Degree at De Montfort University Leicester, graduated in 2000


Good reply from client on new created garments
Earn experience on construction and production of knitted garments

Areas of Interest

Management and Communication


Mr. J. Richardson
General Executive Manager
Shibani Knitting Co.Ltd., New Hampton

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